Avatar fantomas_from_74

Fantomas_from_74 On 24/02/2004

flash mob??

Avatar nerdpride

Nerdpride On 23/02/2004

Ha Ha Ha, said the wolf. Lots of fúd.

Avatar spychic

Spychic On 23/02/2004

hey, did you know that heif has a link to you on his f-log today? cool. <A HREF="http://www.fotolog.net/heif/?photo_id=6633636" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.net/heif/?photo_id=6633636</A>

Avatar tomakazi

Tomakazi On 22/02/2004

Man o Man, I wouldn`t wanna get caught with a blue beanie on that day..:(

Avatar paleman

Paleman On 22/02/2004

my parents and i used to count people like this in amusement parks or heavily touristed areas. usually they come in pairs. they dress alike to facilitate mutual recognition in case they get separated in a crowded place, and generally prefer clothes with bright colors and slogans. we used to refer to them as `dorfs`. i think that`s a sniglet.

Avatar jaykayess

Jaykayess On 22/02/2004


Avatar luluvision

Luluvision On 21/02/2004

party! party! party!

Avatar madmaxnyc

Madmaxnyc On 21/02/2004

"so i guess in new york we have these parties where everyone decides to get on a specific neighborhood, Chinatown for example, at about... every day, and then creates a party hood."I only learn from the best.

Avatar jedicam

Jedicam On 21/02/2004

Don`t let go of the skipping rope!

Avatar lucien

Lucien On 21/02/2004

uh oh. the communists are back.

Avatar colorstalker

Colorstalker On 20/02/2004

it had to be chinatown

Avatar super8mm

Super8mm On 20/02/2004


Avatar davidgarchey

Davidgarchey On 20/02/2004

Mind you we call it "grillage de poulet" which, basically means "chicken wire" and... we use it for art. Weird how the french can be so american, eh ?!

Avatar jonathann

Jonathann On 20/02/2004

frank youre amazing.............

Avatar sussu__

Sussu__ On 20/02/2004

whata hell is this? o.Ô

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