Avatar juliyap

Juliyap On 21/02/2004

this is kind of pathetic and beautiful at the same time.

Avatar beanie

Beanie On 20/02/2004

if you have exposed brick in your place, then we can no longer be friends

Avatar blankfrank

Blankfrank On 20/02/2004


Avatar kandykorn

Kandykorn On 20/02/2004

hey, that`s pretty.

Avatar staciemerrill

Staciemerrill On 20/02/2004

i like yr new director

Avatar davidgarchey

Davidgarchey On 20/02/2004

I love the red, the bricks, the lights

Avatar maki_0910

Maki_0910 On 20/02/2004

Vivid red !! nice work.

Default Avatar

Idrift On 20/02/2004

i like this image. good color!

Avatar buster

Buster On 20/02/2004

great shot. great

Avatar along

Along On 20/02/2004

HAAA! I`ll put up mine in a bit.

Avatar jonathann

Jonathann On 19/02/2004

hey frank thanks for stoppin by...............

Avatar beamanism

Beamanism On 19/02/2004


Avatar plethora

Plethora On 19/02/2004

Thanks for your comment! I love this shot - so red and...happy! reminds me of Christmas. :D

Avatar riobus

Riobus On 19/02/2004


Avatar madmaxnyc

Madmaxnyc On 19/02/2004

I love your flog title.Thank you MTA for sucking, indeed.

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