Avatar nadia

Nadia On 19/02/2004

well, lets see `em then.

Avatar mellebulle

Mellebulle On 19/02/2004

old machine....!? no ? kissss

Avatar anon_ms_b

Anon_ms_b On 19/02/2004

Hm, I didn`t know the light even worked.

Avatar cristi

Cristi On 19/02/2004

i love those!

Avatar tank_engine

Tank_engine On 19/02/2004

why does it always take so long for these damn things to develop?

Avatar beanie

Beanie On 19/02/2004

tis NOT a common thing in the city. Ive been a weeping disaster since i came home! If only i could afford those damn NY rents! sigh.....even your photo boothes are cooler.

Avatar deluxecat

Deluxecat On 19/02/2004


Avatar carpaneda

Carpaneda On 19/02/2004

very nice!!!

Avatar sixeight

Sixeight On 19/02/2004

push in case of emergency... of the good times we had.

Avatar suzannasugar

Suzannasugar On 19/02/2004


Avatar dogseat

Dogseat On 19/02/2004

mmmmm greeeeen

Avatar michale

Michale On 19/02/2004

nice! my new experiment is picking a thumbnail i like best out of the "mosaic" and leaving a comment. this won today`s exploration of my subconscious.

Avatar pro_keds

Pro_keds On 19/02/2004

does MTA stand for `My Tight Ass`?yes a great trip....Brillo is the man. way lagged today..work sux...you know how it is...

Avatar honeycut

Honeycut On 19/02/2004

its hard to wait for the green light

Avatar lugolounge

Lugolounge On 19/02/2004

I know of other places with a photo booth. 7b for one... but its smaller and more of a dive then lakeside (which i love)

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