Avatar frank_bklyn

Hmmmm.... not everyday you meet the dancers for the Knicks.....

(photo courtesy johnnyphoto AKA adam_pants)

On February 18 2004 9 Views

Avatar nikky

Nikky On 23/02/2004

"simply irresistable"++

Avatar kandykorn

Kandykorn On 20/02/2004

hachi machi!

Avatar plethora

Plethora On 19/02/2004

Ah man you`re such a cutie!

Avatar familybmx

Familybmx On 19/02/2004

Nah man. They were red but the sun was right at that sunsetty angle so you couldn`t tell. Usually the traffic lights here are brok on on side anyway though. Posted here to put you that much closer to 100 comments.Holla.

Avatar jimvoves

Jimvoves On 19/02/2004

Lucky guy

Avatar pro_keds

Pro_keds On 19/02/2004

yer livin` the dream...

Avatar atilanyc

Atilanyc On 19/02/2004

lucky bastard!

Avatar hillspan

Hillspan On 19/02/2004

I love Honeycut`s comment!

Avatar shuggy

Shuggy On 19/02/2004


Avatar geogblog

Geogblog On 19/02/2004

Thanks for visiting my flog! Yes advertising is awful.

Avatar lovefoxxx

Lovefoxxx On 19/02/2004

it doesn`t matter if you are touching all the ladies, you look like a nerdhorse

Avatar spychic

Spychic On 19/02/2004

shit eatin grin. ha.

Avatar johnnyphoto

Johnnyphoto On 19/02/2004

its cool bro......just spreadin the wealth when i can :)

Avatar burbangst_studio

Burbangst_studio On 19/02/2004

Frank, you`re such a pimp! I`m jealous man - great photo-op...

Avatar particlman

Particlman On 19/02/2004

Now there is one happy fella!

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