Avatar chonch

Chonch On 18/02/2004

you certainly do get around town

Avatar brillo

Brillo On 18/02/2004

love it!! we need to go and see a game when i am over there.. I played basketball for 10 years! :)

Avatar pamelaadam

Pamelaadam On 18/02/2004

netball for boys

Avatar liliapea

Liliapea On 18/02/2004

yeah, it`s got problems, my mustang. the switches keep shorting out due to a piece of vintage foam behind them. I have to take the guitar apart once a week to take the crap off the connection and resauter. yeah. you`re right.

Avatar pulicia

Pulicia On 18/02/2004

dunk me dunk me yeah

Default Avatar

Sekers On 18/02/2004


Avatar vaicontarestrela

Vaicontarestrela On 18/02/2004

Gooooooooooaaaaaaalllll!!!!!!!! heheheh Nice pic!

Avatar liliapea

Liliapea On 18/02/2004

is this the basketball game before the religious revival meeting? no way I`m gonna clean that guitar. It`s vintage dirt. I dont want to decrease the value.

Avatar lugolounge

Lugolounge On 18/02/2004

hahaha YAKAMA I was goign to say wankankama

Avatar lugolounge

Lugolounge On 18/02/2004

well mr. snob WA transplant, NYC is pictured in the shot. so there 8p

Default Avatar

Thebutcher On 18/02/2004

cool shot. who won?

Avatar mindyhertzon

Mindyhertzon On 18/02/2004


Avatar parallel_lucien

Parallel_lucien On 18/02/2004

and what am I, chopped liver?? ;)

Avatar johnnieutah

Johnnieutah On 18/02/2004


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