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IV Annual African Capoeira Angola Conference

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Mozambique!!!

ItŽs with honor and pleasure that we announce the IV African Capoeira Angola Conference - Inhaca 2008.

This year the theme is: "Mestre Pastinha, uma vida pela Capoeira."

To present this respectfully theme we have invited 1 big name of the Capoeira Angola scene, Mestre Jurandir, a member of old school of GCAP (Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho, Mestre Moraes and João Grande's Student) actual President and Founder of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation ICAF.

This year, the lesson schedule has a new propose, which gives more time to movements lessons and video, images, photos and many materials of mestre Pastinha will be shown in event as the theme is about him.

As the place has got many objections but also it represents an intention of our group to make it traditional, this time we have 3 marvelous days in Maputo, between the Centro de Estudos Brasileiros and the Beautiful and magic (for many) Island of Inhaca, obeying the following schedule:

Friday, 4th of July of 2008
Local: Centro de Estudos Brasileiros CEB
10 - 13 H: Registering
14 - 17 H: Palestra/Vídeo/Photo show [theme: Mestre Pastinha: Uma vida pela Capoeira]
19 – 21H: Cocktail + Opening Roda]

Saturday, 5th of July of 2008
7 H: Departure to the Inhaca Island
10 H: Arriving and check in Inhaca
12 H: Lunch
14 – 18 H: movement lesson
18:30 H: Dinner
20 H: Roda

Sunday, 6th of July of 2008
Centro de estudos Brasileiros CEB
7 H: Breakfast
8 H: movement lesson
10 - 12 H: Closing Roda
13 H: Lunch
14:30 H: Departure from the Island;
17 H: Closing Ceremony at CEB;

As we still learning with time and experience, we have improved the menu having this time a very rich menu for those who have are vegetarian, combining it with delicious native cooking style, in charge by a specialist of this cooking type.

The boat trip will happen in Saturday morning, after the opening Roda, to ensure that everybody is on board and reduce the risk of boat missing for those who have to make long trips within weekdays.

For help more details about the event, contact:

FICA Moçambique

Rua João de Barros, 112 - Sommerschield
Maputo - Moçambique
Celular: +258 82 7606820 or +258 82 7298950
E-mail: [email protected]

Web: www.fotolog.com/ficamz

We advise you to make the registration in your group table!

Yours Faithfully!

Isaac Mandlate
ICAF - Moçambique leader

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Jena4love On 11/11/2013

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Gglove12 On 10/04/2013

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Shamanlagartolog On 23/02/2009

Axé ao Grupo FICA

Edinho (SL)

Avatar chicosdemente

Chicosdemente On 20/11/2008

saludos axe

Avatar matty_sap

Matty_sap On 28/09/2008

me paso por aca!


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Capoeira_no_mund On 19/08/2008


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Avatar orignal_sampling

Orignal_sampling On 21/04/2008

nao sei se e tarde max ja tinha preparado um cadastro online para as reservas.
Flamos dps


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The_jp1 On 21/04/2008

o evento sera forte


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