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One time at art camp

Man its wild getting older, let me tell you I LOVE IT , only I don't love the falling apart aspect.
Its been so long since I ve been on fotolog.... thats kind of sad , I really love keeping a so called photographic journal , perhaps I will make it a go again.... yeah , I need to :) ok love to whomever sees this:) be blessed for indeed you are!

On May 14 2014 at Missouri, United States 417 Views

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Eyecandy On 26/11/2014

Heyyy lol well the way this site works these daze is SO painful that I can hardly bring myself to get on here ... its such a shame too. i loved Fotolog back in the day.... Hope you are doing amazing and Happy belated Birthday! may your next year be full of love blessings and laughter!

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    "Echolalia" is an interactive installation based on images, sound and expressive typography.

    What I am after is to create a bank of images related to the theme "Echo” .

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    This is a public fotolog for all citric colours: yellows, oranges and light greens. Please, no artificially colored or Copyrighted images. Those may be deleted because they do not fit *CITRIC*`s proposal. :)

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