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We ♥ Louis.

30-3-08 / Louis Vuitton / Naii and her best friend, Mel, making shopping.

We are Siamese if you please
We are siamese if you don't please
We are former residents of Siam
There is no finer cat than I am

Do you see that thing swimming round and round
Maybe we can reaching in and make it drown
If we sneaking up upon it carefully
There'll be a head for you and a tail for me

We are Siamese if you please
We are Siamese if you don't please
Now we're looking over our new domicile
If we like we stay for maybe quite awhile

Do you hear what i hear? A baby cry
Where we findin' baby there's milk nearby
And if we look in baby buggy there could be
Plenty of milk for you, and also some for me

There is no finer cat than I am (No I am)

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On April 01 2008 3 Views

Avatar the_last_trendy

The_last_trendy On 01/04/2008

Qe tienda ! te tengo en ff besoss


Avatar plastic__life

Plastic__life On 01/04/2008

oh my fuck god!! again?
fucking papparazzies!.. they are in anytime and anywhere..
love you dear, see you in weekend

Avatar erika_princess

Erika_princess On 01/04/2008

io algun diia ire a estaa tiendaaaa(6) te kieroo naii(K)

Avatar getlostbitchh

Getlostbitchh On 01/04/2008

saludos nai, espero que disfrutes mañana del dia libre jaja, beso!

Avatar hilaryyduufff

Hilaryyduufff On 01/04/2008

aqi pasandO
waa iO tambien
amO esa marca sii
cuidatte ^^
te pasas??

Avatar hils__canrock

Hils__canrock On 01/04/2008

Ohh Louis.!(AAclaro:no tengo prenda de LOUIS :RAZON 1 donde vivo no se consigue,lo maximo que se puede conseguir es 47 st(?)jaja,y LOS PRECIOS NO SON PARA MI!)

Avatar elamigodluido

Elamigodluido On 01/04/2008

gracias por postear con Luis

Avatar mecopotuondah

Mecopotuondah On 01/04/2008

me paso hermosa
qe estes re bien

Avatar duff_glamm

Duff_glamm On 01/04/2008

aaaaai me muero (? aai louis vuitton asjasahsfafjsdhgjsd (?) (LLLLLLLLLLL)
ajjaja :)
un beso nai ^^

Avatar vivodelaire

Vivodelaire On 01/04/2008

mi mama tiene todas carteras de ahí ajajaaj a un beso!

Avatar wonderworlds

Wonderworlds On 01/04/2008

un beso nai :)

Avatar waitingfor_you

Waitingfor_you On 01/04/2008

te emooooooooooooooooooo o o o o

Avatar mariaa_sn

Mariaa_sn On 01/04/2008

buen gusto siiiii
que estés bien naiii
te quiero
os quiero a las dooooooos

Avatar olsenlucky_s

Olsenlucky_s On 01/04/2008

gracias por pasarteeeee
un besoo diosa, mua!

Avatar belikeb

Belikeb On 01/04/2008

para mi que esta fto esta truchada ee!, soy bel :P

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