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Spark_beda On 23/08/2009


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Stylekonstruktor On 22/08/2009

hello to CT & 0331c,
wish a good summer painting ;)

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Graphicsurgery On 21/08/2009

back on flog ;)

say ciao to 033 and A-ton :)

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Zime_sol On 20/08/2009

The Gipsy Factory in Torino!
Nice spot, good music and lots of barbecues. The real Italian feeling :)

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Epskandal On 19/08/2009


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Lcpichacao On 19/08/2009


“PICHAÇÃO” is not graffiti. It is a distinction that only has happened in Brazil. As it is incomprehensible for most of the people, is made especially by a peripherized youth, and, of course, stamp the walls without authorization, it became crime, situation that justifies for the society in general all violence that the “pichador” is subjected. Art of not being caught! What a subversion is to sign the whole city with your invented name, especially a city that seems to be not projected for you? This film is so a chance to find in these aesthetic productions, susceptible to be named as “criminals”, fonts to think with audacity, the fragmentations and indifferences that constitute a huge part of the contemporary challenges for our society.

Now you can be updated with the whole process of the LCP Documentary, in several ways:

Community in orkut: http://www.orkut.com.br/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=93244575&refresh=1

Fotolog: http://www.fotolog.com.br/lcpichacao

Twitter. Follow us! Every day here: http://twitter.com/lcpichacao

Thanks all for the comments, critics, regrats, and especially the ones that are helping with the divulgation.


[email protected]

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Larosoire On 19/08/2009

good ! but i have a prefere for this

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Stylekonstruktor On 19/08/2009

yours the best

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Dawe_design On 19/08/2009


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Yaner1 On 19/08/2009

oh shit!!!

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Pstole On 19/08/2009

love it!


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