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Blood at the Chelsea

...just as the blurb says, it's poets writing about other poets...

Contains poetry by:

Alan Corkish
Cyndi Dawson
Aleathia Drehmer
Jack Henry
Lara Konesky
Walter King
Jozef Maguire
Puma Perl
Craig Sernotti
Andrew Taylor
Scot Young
Michael Mahone

Edited by: Lara Konesky & Andrew Taylor

Available from www.erbacce-press.com

On April 30 2010 3 Views

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Erbacce On 30/04/2010

It’s Like Platinum, really by Andrew Taylor
for Lara K and Puma P

She wants to go to the Chelsea,
sans blood streaked walls
unless there is a fist involved.

I was just going to mention
the Chelsea and underwear
rolling in the snow on Broadway.

Kisses, hugs and lilies for you
erosion of memory for me.

It would do more than help you out,
Andrew, it’s like Platinum, really.

But, she does need a lot of catering to, of course.
she’s the pretty princess it’s quite clear.

Now what would I do with my two favourite US poets?
Get the Chelsea reception on the phone.

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