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Wink is a man of many talents; besides writing amazing poetry he edits a great poetry journal called The Gloom Cupboard...

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Erbacce On 25/04/2010

Upheaval by Richard Wink

Hot rats crawl up drainpipe trouser legs
behind the priest who wears a trout mask
as Prince Capone is laid to rest by
gravediggers from 1935.

Watching people change on television
promotes innovative fusion
making us realize that dying young
is a crime.

Hooked on the blues
I can hear that owl again
pecking on a slice of humble pie
outside Chaguaramas

Then suddenly, there is a change
Once in a blue moon
I become dangerous and intellectually challenging,
after finding solace in dark ales and throat burners

Tonight I stand lemon-like in the Tramp Nightclub
sipping white lightning
smoking St. Moritz
Lifting off with Ayesha
she pops purple hearts
as folk dance around us in zoot suits
with peacock velvet collars

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