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Before we Knew this Century

Verdon writes in Canberra Australia, he's one of our most recent publications (2010). Slightly surreal images pervade his poetry; images which can disturb and provoke.

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Erbacce On 16/04/2010

‘Bethlehem, 1995’ by Robert Verdon

As Bethlehem’s handed back
— Just in time for Christmas —
As the Israeli trucks crawl home
Three wise men follow a star
Which might at first be a skyrocket
Let off by revellers — but it doesn’t fade

Inside the manger, a poor Christian family
Hides from Hamas and Shin Bet in sheets
The wise guys kneel before the Child
Offering gifts of frankincense and myrrh
Plum pudding and smoked ham
In tins, bags of surplus wheat,

Trifle left over from last year and
Plastic Chinese decorations for the tree.

Then they get back
Into Air Force One
And head West.

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