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Olha a gente aqui de novo!

26 de novembro de 2013 - Sessão de autógrafos na FNAC de Campinas.

Humberto Gessinger, foi um prazer te reencontrar! ♥

Humberto Gessinger

On November 30 2013 at Itaquaquecetuba, Brazil 20 Views

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Aaronaamyx On 05/10/2014

They both look just like me when I'm hanging upside down while eating a beach ball filled with buzzing bees and polka-dotted flowers swinging around and around until the cows come home. To milk my hatched ducklings before the turtles turn over my row boat into the mushroom rainbow river in my fuzzy and snail sludge-slick dream before the catepillars roam over my ice cream grove of sea lily's and my mustache doesn't grown on octopus tentacles because they are only 6" long. "Catch the Wave" now before it's to late.... ;o) "You two!

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Queen45 On 30/11/2013

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Behway On 30/11/2013

Não tem como não rir com essa história do " Cansei de ser sexy' haha

Hey, se tem foto com o Humberto em todas cidades de SP mesmo?


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