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freshly made eXtra-Ordinary Wednesday @ Circolo Arci Bazura, in Torino

Regional Dinner dedicated to Friuli + Conference: "Pigeons: false myths and truths".
Marta Gotlin will tell, in her speech: "3 Good Reasons to appreciate Pigeons", about first aid for injured animals and scientific matters.
Pina Pigeon, instead, will tell us about her activist and pigeons lover life in her speech: "Special animals and true stories: Pina, a pigeon in the family"

Menu of the Dinner

"Polenta in Savor"
Artichockes in the "Triestina" way
Potatoes "in Tecia"
Pumpkin Home-Made Bread with Horseradish Sauce

Main Dishes


On March 04 2015 at Piemonte, Italy 26 Views

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