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Agua solida

cold cold solidagua

necesita sol and warmer temperature
to become what it was before


necesita season change
necesita ciclo

necesita basico.


pray sun-agua-viento-tierra

On February 13 2009 3 Views

Avatar fenelcaos

Fenelcaos On 20/02/2009


Avatar elessar

Elessar On 16/02/2009


Avatar elcalentit0

Elcalentit0 On 13/02/2009

Me enkanto tu flog! saludos

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  • sunset


    As fotos DEVEM ser um registro fiel do objeto e momento que dá nome ao grupo (Pôr-do-sol);

  • texture


    What is texture?
    Texture goes beyond mere pattern or form into something more complex and organic that you could touch, feel and maybe even identify with your eyes closed if your hand were big or small enough. These are visual representations of a non-visual sense: touch.

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