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a young lady who came to us she had been to a couple of business

a young lady who came to us she had been to a couple of business consultants before and she had been told that it was going to cost in the neighborhood of about twenty thousand dollars in order to be able to get her business up and running and the business that you wanted to start with something uh... that I’m sure you're all familiar with it was desktop publishing she was told of course that you need to complete new computers new software she'd need a building in order to beagle to operate on a she'd need telephones she'd need all of these different kinds of things in order to be able to set herself up clashing probably need somewhere in the neighborhood of the year-to-year and a half before her business grew to the stage where it would be self-sufficient if she could actually take an income out of it she'd be making money all along they told her but by the time she paid off for loans and by the time she paid for her rant and she paid for all of these other expenses of course she wasn't going to be taking that money herself it was going to be going to someone else and the problem was that she didn't have twenty thousand dollars and she couldn't find anybody that was willing to borough twenty thousand dollars so she came to us and she explained the situation and uh... the first question that asked her wise what is it about new going into the desktop publishing business
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