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do not admit because I win the pride

On April 03 2011 1 Views

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Kiier0tuboqiitah On 07/04/2011

teamo miamor un Beso y hermosa demi y su tatooo

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Tteqerezzmataar On 04/04/2011

Mii Amoor ...

Tee Amoo Mas Liindaaa♥

Soos maas qe muchoo mi viidaa.. :$

Te Extraaño0 muchiisiimoo maas :$

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0h_demi On 03/04/2011


Avatar electtriizadaa

Electtriizadaa On 03/04/2011

I do not want to hear, I do not answer, I do not ask, I will not argue with you, I do not want to be your friend, I will not talk to you, I'm tired of your dirty comments, & your sentences cheap, but after all ... alfin even so I love you. NO I want but I need your hugs, I do not but I need your kisses, do not admit because I win the pride,


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