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Mercygg On 25/10/2012

你今天怎么样呢?我希望,我希望能成为你的朋友,我真的很喜欢你的个人资料,请与我联系,通过我的电子邮件([email protected]),我也会把我的照片给你,告诉你更了解自己的怜悯感谢你的朋友


hi dear,
how Are you today? i hope fine i wish to be your friend as i really like your profile please contact me through my email ( [email protected] ) i will also send my photos to you,and tell you more about myself yours friend mercy thanks

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Jwanig On 24/08/2011

celofan! estoy recordando como era dejar comments en el fotolog :_)


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