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Ashley Greene Nude Pictures!!!

Forget Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene (aka Alice Cullen) one piece in the Twilight movie series, and if you don't believe me, take a look at these new Ashley Greene nude pictures! Yeah. No word on how or who leaked these pictures of Ashley Greene naked, but they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Including whether or not Ashley is shaved. She is, by the way.

Update: They're getting quick these days. As you can probably tell, I've had to take down the Ashley Greene nude pictures that were leaked earlier. Ashley has actually admitted the pictures are of her, and that in fact, she took them herself, so we can't post them because they are protected by her copyright. Lame, yet hot. So here are some other very sexy Ashley Greene pictures, which may possibly include some nipple.

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Shadowprincess_x On 20/08/2009

ajajajjajajaj que guapa que es tia xd
me encanta laa ashh :D
gracias xdd
besoooo kk.

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Egotastic On 20/08/2009

¡Dedicada a shadowprincess_x!

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