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Ex Machina


- The meaning of life: what are we, in our emotions and feelings and choices, if not just electrical connections?
- The question of ‘how should we consider artificial intelligence, inferior, equal or superior to ours? Should an AI be treated as a machine or as a person? What should their place in society be?’
- The question of time. What is it, why does it affect us, why does our system deteriorate? What starts lacking with time? If energy is infinite, why does it die within a system?
- What is the role of the woman in modern society? Is the world starting to understand the fact that men often see women as objects, in this case a machine (although in the film the woman is actually a machine, so how do we consider that..?).
- Do men actually fall in love with image and the feeling of being ‘superior’? Do women really always need to use sexuality to achieve their goals?

Grat film. I suggest you all go and watch it.

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Kishhh On 14/07/2015

che film è?¿

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dwayne_julie On 14/07/2015



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