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Sorry I really need to bite you

daniela 2017
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On May 10 2017 at Turin, Piemonte, Italy 450 Views

Avatar thelizardoutcast

Thelizardoutcast On 12/09/2017

I like your drawing and art. And for me is interesting idea using workbook. Because I always use free sheets (mainly stickers). And I thing, that the form of the "substrate" or background, influences drawing and final result. I love it! :)

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 26/06/2017

how dare you

Avatar drawing_aloud

drawing_aloud On 29/06/2017

ahahaha I am soooooo brave !

Avatar ehgram

Ehgram On 20/06/2017

e' il dente d'oro che fa la differenza!

Avatar drawing_aloud

drawing_aloud On 24/06/2017


Avatar dibs

Dibs On 17/05/2017

I know you need to bite me! You don't have to say this in public...

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 16/05/2017

che fifa!

Avatar amelie_melina

Amelie_melina On 10/05/2017

É quello che dico sempre al mio lui!

Avatar drawing_aloud

drawing_aloud On 10/05/2017

egggià si morde per vari motivi :)))


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