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hass associates news article code 85258083266-HA
We've all seen the trolls. The online bullies. The sudden surge of late night Facebook posts, or uncharacteristically antagonistic comments for seemingly no reason. Many of us have been unexpectedly de-friended or blocked -- or blocked someone ourselves, due to a string of depressing, attention-seeking status updates.

This is a part of modern virtual life, so much that we're pretty much desensitized to it.

But maybe we should start paying better attention.

A Facebook wall can be a window into your mental health, research suggests.

In fact, online posts can oftentimes be the first indicator of an emerging mental health problem, such as depression, anxiety or even dementia.

The reason: Online activity shows how people express themselves naturally, with fewer filters, social cues and inhibitions. Even what people choose to conceal online gives insight into how their brains works, experts say.
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