Avatar dirtybrownvisual

The canvasses i painted for redbull.
I prepared them at home and finished them
on dance valley festival at the redbull stage during
the whole festival event..

Stencil/spraypaint, posca, acrylic paint, gesso on canvas.
Signed and numbered to 25.
June 2007.

On September 01 2007 9 Views

Avatar zengagain

Zengagain On 06/09/2007

jammer vd posca geschreven zin, maakt het wat minder stoer...
verder mooi stencil

Avatar skriepa

Skriepa On 06/09/2007

tot morgen ouwe garnalendouwer!

Avatar jaapvanwanten

Jaapvanwanten On 06/09/2007

als je redbull op hebt weet je zeker van wanten op de plee ofniet dan?

Avatar thecircus

Thecircus On 04/09/2007


Avatar thegreatmess

Thegreatmess On 04/09/2007

did u already developed the pics?

Avatar ghetto3000

Ghetto3000 On 04/09/2007

veel werk zeker gratis drinkuh bij gekregen.?

Avatar oles

Oles On 04/09/2007

En wat hebben ze ermee gedaan?

Avatar napalmed

Napalmed On 02/09/2007

Hoeveel kost jij dan, en wat mag ik allemaal doen voor dat geld.
Mag ik je dan Hans noemen,of peter?

Avatar fisko

Fisko On 01/09/2007

thx dude...
i like your stuff too...

why you do something for red bull?
thats why im asked how much they payed you...

Avatar totodirty

Totodirty On 01/09/2007



i painted a box in the street too




Avatar aws_cers

Aws_cers On 01/09/2007

very good work man !

Avatar jo_jo_jowdesign

Jo_jo_jowdesign On 01/09/2007



Avatar fisko

Fisko On 01/09/2007

how much they payed you?

Avatar chulameyska

Chulameyska On 01/09/2007


this is a nice flog too!!!

love orange!!!

street art!!!



go to favourites!

so ..bye

Avatar makinas_animadas

Makinas_animadas On 01/09/2007

perfect!! here we try to make a fotolog of space invaders of the wordl!!!
then and tell you ok?

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