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Homika/Rossy - Pokémon {White/Black 2} >>Especial<<

Homika/Rossy - {Pokémon Black&White2} >Especial<

This is my town
it's my town {x3}
This is my town
it's my town {x3}
This is my town

I Plug the scene
Hit the strip
Get my fix
Got some stiffles is a sack
Run this town like a spinner on a track
Come on lay back
To attack in my lack
I ain't tryin' to be a lover but i gotta say
That we can keep it undercover when you wanna play
Blazed up smoked out outta my mind
We just cruise around my town all the time.

When the sun goes down the stars come out
Like the ghosts of yesterday
So drink 'em down because some things never change
Baby some get loud
We ain't gonna fuck around
When the sun goes down let me here you say
This is my town
It's my town {x3}
This is my town
It's my town {x3}
This is my town

If the city never sleeps well fuck it neither will I
You know we keep it 30 deep and we're as high as the sky. . .

Bueno me inspiré con está song es de Tekken Vs Street Fighter ~
Si re-pito para seguir con el especial de imágenes editadas por mi saludos -w-/

Homika Pokémon Pokémon Blanco 2 Pokémon Negro 2 Rossy

On May 17 2014 at Región Metropolitana, Chile 19 Views

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La_x_yica_x On 17/05/2014

TUU!!!! hijo de la... ashz.. no ubvo ni un puto beso en sf!!.. joder que me quede con ganas de eso.. maldición nisiquiera confirman bien si quedan juntos al final o no T.T.. un final demasiado habiertoo.. asdaa te juro que en el momento en que termine la serie lo único que asiaa era putiartee jkajkjkajka xD.. lo ariaa pero ahora ando de mejor unos.. o mejor dicho yua lo superee xDD

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