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Amoxenyte On 12/08/2017

Yes! He`s got one too! The little darling noggot fly that stole my wide-flared-spreaded skirt for a fly swatter." "Im going to need this one here too! Does it come with a full-body torso arm for squeesing and holding-on too?? That one might just do the job for scooping him up softly and sweeping him out the door to visit a neighbor cooking me up egg-soup like egg-drop soup, hmmmm-mmm. And """Wait-a-minute!"" "Who are you???"""": "oops! Wrong Room'Sorry!

Go to go to amoxenyte on ebay to find mosquito netting for my next camp out. "By the way' Is that dress like a thin-set basketball netting too. "I see right thriugh it and the baby elephantie cutie your about to have.

"" " " "Have a Good Day!" " " " ~ Sweeties ~ Holaa [Tuge made me do it all! Please blame him and not my pet button-turtle in his sweet home!!] ,,,,,,,,

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Fulguriteman On 27/04/2017

only white is all she could thunk of ??

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El_amorsemudo On 05/04/2017


Avatar billy10709

Billy10709 On 27/03/2017

hace 1 semana vi la pelicula de gilda en un barrio

Avatar mcele_2

Mcele_2 On 25/12/2016

Feliz Noche buena y feliz navidad ♥ Saludos

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