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The last drawing in the series Skammdegisóði.

Midwinter madness series eða Skammdegisóður.
akríl á pappír
72 x 50 cm
Frummyndirnar eru seldar á Jólabazar Helga og Beate í
Populus Tremula í desember mánuði.
Hræðist myrkrið.

From the series Midwinter madness.
acrilics on paper
72 x 50 cm
The original drawings can be bought at Helgi and Beate´s Christmas market in Populus Tremula, Akureyri, Iceland this December.
Awe the darkness.

Midwinter madness christmas drawing jólasveinar Icelandic darkness art light

On December 25 2013 at Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands 122 Views

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