Avatar darkkissa

Rev. Billy was in Helsinki today!!

and he still offered me a cd from his choir of the Church of Stop Shopping as soon as we met inside Kiasma! How generous!
I'm really greatfull for his presence and of his wife and producer of *What would Jesus buy* and for Alexandro Pedregal and all the staff of Lens Politica for bringing Rev. Billy and his message to Finland.

5 years ago I introduced him to my net friends right here on folotolog and said you'd hear of him sooner or later:

<a href="http://www.fotolog.com/darkkissa/3222960" rel="nofollow noindex external">http://www.fotolog.com/darkkissa/3222960</a>

Today I'm glad to know I was right!

On November 19 2008 1393 Views

Avatar omi_sama_1999

Omi_sama_1999 On 05/07/2009

hola paso pasate

Avatar _aquila

_aquila On 07/03/2009

Hei! Cade vc?

Ainda existe ae?
Querendo passar por Helsinquia esse verao....Seria legal t ver....

Avatar ivi_89

Ivi_89 On 06/01/2009

Volví desp de más de un año... Bueno, espero que andes barbaro. Muy lindo tu flog. Pasen please!

Avatar demoniadescarpin

Demoniadescarpin On 26/11/2008

Adorei seu fotolog...
Tá add.

Desculpa essa mensagem, mas preciso do seu voto!
Eu estou participando de uma promoção, você pode votar nas minhas fotos?
É super rapidinho, é só entrar nos links e dá 5 estrelas... Please?

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