Avatar lorenzorock

Lorenzorock On 10/06/2010

Oii tudo bemmmm?

Conheça as novas músicas no nosso myspace


se der da um forcinha pra comuu =))
se der ta ? só se vc quiser, ok? hahaa


valeu pela ajudaa =)
equipe Lorenzo!

Avatar along

Along On 15/03/2007

hi v. you're on The Daily F'log today:<A HREF="http://blog.fotolog.com/2007/03/portrait-mode" TARGET=_top>http://blog.fotolog.com/2007/03/portrait-mode</A>Thanks!

Avatar mille979

Mille979 On 01/02/2007

que figataadd add*

Avatar ikeaboy

Ikeaboy On 18/12/2006

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Avatar gerardchic

Gerardchic On 15/12/2006

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Avatar flornikeando

Flornikeando On 10/12/2006

dove sei???

Avatar voltaireonfire

Voltaireonfire On 03/12/2006

Ohhhh.... the colors!

Avatar sara

Sara On 24/11/2006

you have to update, sweetie. we all miss your lovely pictures.

Avatar tito4ever

Tito4ever On 02/11/2006

i dind t know u were back. ...this pool reminds me the edukators one (have you seen it?)

Avatar gerardchic

Gerardchic On 28/10/2006

<A HREF="http://www.gerardchic.com" TARGET=_top>http://www.gerardchic.com</A> ALL NEW ALL FRESH nEw MAGAZINe. ; ) GG

Avatar whoinvitedyou

Whoinvitedyou On 04/10/2006

come back!

Avatar sayf

Sayf On 16/09/2006

Tranquilou la pistache dans la house !:D

Avatar jasonmlee

Jasonmlee On 14/06/2006

where have you been? i missed your photos

Avatar eldeida

Eldeida On 13/06/2006

I thought you'd moved.Your pictures are awesome.:)

Avatar juicyfragola

Juicyfragola On 13/06/2006

voglio essere invitata pure io a questo tipo di house party..*

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