Avatar steinrock

Steinrock On 14/11/2003

Käfer!!!lindo! muito lindo!muy bello.. (Käfer = Fusca no Brasil)

Avatar _clouds_

_clouds_ On 25/09/2003

@ jolaus: It should be older. -- If the license plate is authentic. This kind of black plates has been issued between 1945 and 1956 only, BN code (for: "Britische Zone Niedersachsen") only between 1948 and 1956. ;)

Avatar jolaus

Jolaus On 25/09/2003

I like this car.What is model year?? i think 1964 or 65

Avatar _clouds_

_clouds_ On 25/09/2003

den würd ich in jeder farbe nehmen ;)

Avatar daniela_maschke

Daniela_maschke On 25/09/2003

Echt witzig das Teil, nur die falsche Farbe ;)

Avatar hg_165

Hg_165 On 25/09/2003

ein Traum... oder?


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