Avatar cypher

Dinner; grillin burgers

About two minutes before this I burned the heck out of my hand
grabbing the hot hot hot handle of a grill pan that was roasting some
broccoli. Yikes.

On August 07 2010 134 Views

Avatar karry_lady_black

Karry_lady_black On 15/08/2010

hola yo kiero comer jajjaja saluditos

Avatar txustix

Txustix On 13/08/2010

Hi Cypher!!! Long time no see.. but now i am back to Fotolog!!!!!
Sad to hear you burned yourself, hope its better now...

happy Friday!!!!!

BTW: i am the girl who went to visit your offices in December 2009!!! but we couldnt meet as u had to leave the office!!!!

Avatar soloparavos_5359

Soloparavos_5359 On 11/08/2010

no me mostres eso justo que tengo habre ahoraaaa jaja :P

Avatar vistaperfecta

Vistaperfecta On 10/08/2010

si queres un reverese mas agregame i te agrego rapidoo:$

Avatar x___fruityyyyyyy

X___fruityyyyyyy On 09/08/2010

Beautiful fotolog:)

Avatar mascomida

Mascomida On 09/08/2010

wow! be careful!!!

Avatar vistaperfecta

Vistaperfecta On 09/08/2010

es facil agregame i te agrego

Avatar laanttoo

Laanttoo On 08/08/2010


Avatar bailameblaqii3

Bailameblaqii3 On 08/08/2010

nos agregamos a efes?:$
agrega & avisa :$ *.*

Avatar yonitohpower

Yonitohpower On 08/08/2010

Besito mi vida
te kiero mucho:$
no me dejas 5 firmas y dejo msn !!!

Avatar xavii_bakan

Xavii_bakan On 08/08/2010

NoOss VeemoOss Een Laa Quee Saalgaa!

Tee Ree Cuiiddaass!

Me firmas Muchas y me agregas a ffs? ?

Te espero e.e no me falles :(

Avatar exmalditamoderna

Exmalditamoderna On 08/08/2010


miamor Efiamos? AVISA
si qeres una g0ld entra ami flog y apreta F5 un minuto.

Avatar totalmnteecaneo2

Totalmnteecaneo2 On 08/08/2010

Hoolaa cypher como estas ? espero qe bien coso me agregas a tus effes dale qe te despues te agrego yo i mira no es spam xq te deje el nombre de tu flog :B bueno espero qe me agreges un beso i suerte :D :D

Avatar n0ter0e

N0ter0e On 08/08/2010


Avatar dimeyositah

Dimeyositah On 07/08/2010

Se Regala Banner o Se Hacen 3 Por Gold!
Agrega: [email protected]

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