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Detail of the Dome of the Baltimore Basilica

The Holy Spirit in the form of a dove hovers over the Basilica of the Assumption at the center of Benjamin Latrobe's great dome.

Other photos of the basilica have been posted to the group, Ekklesia: http://www.fotolog.com/ekklesia/46502353

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    Texture goes beyond mere pattern or form into something more complex and organic that you could touch, feel and maybe even identify with your eyes closed if your hand were big or small enough. These are visual representations of a non-visual sense: touch.

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    Esse grupo destina-se a fotos de igrejas.Qualquer foto não relacionada ao tema será descartada. Não serão aceitas fotos retiradas da internet. Procure deixar o máximo de informações: Ano de construção, localização e fatos históricos por exemplo.

    This group is intended to show pictures of churches.Any picture not related will be deleted. Please no pics taken from internet.Try to add as much information as you can: Year of construction, location and historic facts.

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