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Minnesota Snowstorm

View from my office during today's snow storm that had tapered off quite a bit when I took this photo after lunch.

The Christmas candles in the window are powered by batteries, two come on automatically when it starts to get dark and the other three have some kind of built in timer that turns them on for six hours every day at whatever time you first adjust the light bulbs. O, brave new world!

The tall building on the left is the Great Hall, formerly the abbey church. The building in the distance shows the roof over the stage in the auditorium. The building also houses the Music Department.

Real Audio file of the Christmas Concert and Midnight Mass:

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Stickxkuky On 07/02/2009

Me agregas a favoritos & me avisas para hacer lo mismo ? *-* Avisame :$ ..

Avatar nosoiitucatt

Nosoiitucatt On 21/01/2009

Besito Cuidate
Effes :D

Avatar yoelmasglam

Yoelmasglam On 18/01/2009


Avatar x_thegatoxcor3_x

X_thegatoxcor3_x On 17/01/2009

:o todavia no me teni en ff y yo ya te tengo 88,si me teni sorry soi la adm (A),AVISAME :)

adm: http://www.fotolog.com/shikaxzuicide

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Chaapameestaaah On 13/01/2009


Avatar x___thexbast

X___thexbast On 04/01/2009

oie sorry por la tardanza :B ff dale? ^^!

Avatar chocolatterocher

Chocolatterocher On 04/01/2009

en effeeeees.

Avatar limadohhh2

Limadohhh2 On 03/01/2009

te pasas? :$

si ss wena omda alludame cn 2 firmitas :O


Avatar geogblog

Geogblog On 01/01/2009

The next generation of candles will, no doubt, be solar powered.

'tis the season of much shovelling, and astringent temperatures. I celebrated the New Year with friends and a rather fine trappist beer from Belgium. There was a chihuahua scuttling about too.

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