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In the deepest ocean
The bottom of the sea
Your eyes
They turn me
Why should I stay here?
Why should I stay?
I’d be crazy not to follow
Follow where you lead
Your eyes
They turn me
Turn me onto phantoms
I follow to the edge
Of the earth
And fall off
Yeah, everybody leaves
If they get the chance
Of leave
This is my chance
I get eaten by the worms
And weird fishes
Picked over by the worms
Weird fishes
Weird fishes
Weird fishes
I hit the bottom
Hit the bottom and escape
I hit the bottom
Hit the bottom and escape


On September 29 2014 at Jujuy, Argentina 7 Views

Avatar freelikebird

Freelikebird On 01/10/2014

trabajo en una confiteria/casa de comidas por asi decirlo.. nada de otro mundo es como para hacer algo digamos, ya que me tome el año para 'dscansar' de la presion universitaria y saber que era lo quer realmenye queria estudiar... pero aun no me decidi xD... me encanta readiohead, todavia no escuche lo nuevo.. solo lotus flower pero nada más, ahi me quede.. saludos

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