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how do you know when to trust yourself? when you`re emotional, or when you`re not emotional? when are you more honest? really, what do you think?

On July 30 2004 5 Views

Avatar daisyjellybean

Daisyjellybean On 09/08/2004

im a drama queen... emotions always out of control... i bet i would be more trustworthy when i wasn`t emotional... but since that is rare i have to do the best i can!!just a little reminder... fotolog meetup is this wednesday!!! but we need five people to rsvp! <A HREF="http://fotolog.meetup.com/" TARGET=_top>http://fotolog.meetup.com/</A> it`ll be fun!

Avatar juin__

Juin__ On 01/08/2004

hey!thanks for the post in my fotolog, and thanks for the advice on sharing music.i think in my little personal comments i`ll add the song that`s playing in the background...then people can share it with me. :)i love this post!i trust myself with things if i feel a little emotional, because, i can handle situations easily and in a kind manner.if i`m too emotional, then, i`ll be too sad to do anything.thanks.added you too..

Avatar anon_ms_b

Anon_ms_b On 30/07/2004

the chameleon mega does have a green cast, for some reason

Avatar cookieb

Cookieb On 30/07/2004

good question. i`m always emotional. in a case like this, on a plane, i don`t trust me. i don`t know what the female version is but you`re right it does apply to me. i`m just an appreciator i guess.


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