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Simon and Brittany in 2007. She was allegedly warned to stay away from him

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1238373/Has-Mr-Brittany-Murphy-got-hide.html#ixzz0anpejOjl

Last Saturday, the day before Miss Murphy died, Monjack and his wife relaxed in bed, watching movies. They ordered her favourite ‘takeout’ — Thai food — and ate soup prepared by Brittany’s mother, who lived with the couple in LA.
‘Brittany was tired and a little sad because she was sick,’ said Mr Monjack. His wife suffered from a heart murmur — which causes fatigue, dizziness and irregular heartbeats but was not life threatening — and was taking only herbal remedies.
‘I know what the inference is by all those pills,’ he told us. ‘That she was some kind of addict, but addicts hide away their pills. They do not leave them on the nightstand like Brittany.
‘Some of them were old and date back to when Brittany had some ailment or other. You know how people accumulate things and never throw them away.’
Perhaps. But, as with so much in his life, it would be much easier to believe Mr Monjack if his nickname wasn’t Simon ‘Con-Jack’

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Sonohra_arg On 14/03/2010

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Shineeitsmylife On 02/02/2010

hoy 2 de febreo es el cumple de mi amado cara de forro jaja

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Brittanymurphylv On 09/01/2010

Si te gusta Brittany Murphy visita nuestro flog, y nuestro Myspace!
Espero que tengas un gran dia

Rest In Peace Brittany Murphy! 1977-2009! I miss her so much!


Muchas Gracias!! & Brittany Forever!

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Uptown_girrls On 26/12/2009

im so sad, r.i.p

Avatar englishpl

Englishpl On 26/12/2009

por que!?!?! :(
es algo dificil de entender tan joven y linda que era auN!

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Vickyta_al On 26/12/2009


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