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No te beo nunca x3 pero cuando te beo soi feliz *-*

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Jenetlove01 On 23/01/2014

Dearest Love,
I decided to contact you, because i strongly believe that we can become friends
and have things to share in common.
My name is Miss Jenet,fair in complexion,single, (never married ).
I am easy going, calculative and I have the fear of God.
I like nature and everything natural.([email protected])
I like someone who is not boastful and who does not discriminate in religion and race.
What more can i say? Ok, i can say i am good looking.
I will send my pictures to you when you reply.
Love and affection from your friend,

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Sexwithunclesam On 14/04/2011


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Myfuuckinggod On 07/04/2011

Sos muy muy hermosa cothe *----*♥

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Soproud On 20/03/2011

que lindos :) , saludos n.n

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Plastic_dreamsx3 On 11/03/2011

cuidate :3 bsos e.e

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Bysh0aggressive On 06/03/2011

salen lindos*-* te amo amor♥

Avatar emotionalwreck

Emotionalwreck On 06/03/2011

Cuidate Coth3 :)

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Thirteendays On 05/03/2011



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