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Buen inicio de semana!

Saludos y mis mejores deseos!

Kisses & hugs!

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Reddauug On 17/03/2014

I remember a mime once. standing so still outside a public store. where some adults tried crazy ways to get him to move out of his stance. that I walked outside with a few metal forks and tossed one up in the air up high. and then quickly walked right by him. to where I knew the instrument of surprise would fall beside me and I would quickly look up. act like more was falling from the sky after the first one bounced on the concrete beside me. to yelling out loud. to say ''oh my gosh!'' some child in the apartment way up on the fourth floor is tossing silverware down.

then I turned to act like I was starting to run away towards the parking lot.

after just a few feet of movement. I looked back at him. and he had turned around and was staring at the sky above our heads to find he had forgotten. There really isn't an apartment building of any sort behind him, other than a one story building for a hardware and home and department store.

then he turns and sees me giggling and laughing. and says to me; did I do a good job in making you laugh and feel good for the rest of the day?

boy was I angry! after that. I then realized; he never left his position. ;o/\ ''so what was my plan and why did he turn to look up?

to show he wasn't standing there to amuse people in making them think he was a statuette or a dolly. If hadn't moved. I may had been able to rent him out as a furniture dolley so people could of rolled heavy furniture out to their car or truck. ''''Hmmm?!!''



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