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#1 Fideos con salsa Bolognesa

#1 Fideos Con Salsa Bolognesa

Me gusta mucho ver fotologs de comidas asi que aca me hice uno, espero que les guste, van a haber fotos que saque yo de comidas que haga o como hoy de comidas que tengo ganas de comer en este instante.

Y como tambien me gusta escuchar musica aca pongo una cancion que me gusta mucho de sumo:

Brilla tu luz para mi

The grey turned into gold
Just when the day was getting old
"Blonde on Blonde" Dylan knew
Just I was going through
Shine that light on me
Shine that light on me
Blue skies fade away
When the heat of the night hits the day
King of darkness
King of fear
Don't try to get me
You won't get near
Shine that light on me
Shine that light on me
Come back sweetness
Come back to stay
You're my light inside
Don't hide away
Shine that light on me...

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Cypher On 07/04/2008

Looks yummy! Let's see more food :)

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Ensaladadepepino On 06/04/2008

Hey, muchas gracias!

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