Avatar betty_lokita

Betty_lokita On 02/12/2006

te amooOoOo!!(k)

Avatar david_3oo0

David_3oo0 On 01/12/2006

Saluditos kemadita...Salen muy bonita...Cuídate mucho...Bye byeDavid 3oo0

Avatar chuss_15

Chuss_15 On 30/11/2006

Nose qien sos:Dpero firmo!

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  • my_jeans


    This group is all about clothing of material JEANS, it can be your JEANS pants, shirts, jackets, caps, skirts or shorts. It can be of any brand national or international.

  • prism


    Este grupo muestra fotos reales bien coloridas. Mostrando en una solo foto los colores del arcoiris, los mismos colores que salen de un prisma.
    This group shows real and colorful photos. Showing in one single picture the color of a rainbow. The same colors we get out of a prism.

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