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aaand for lunch, a club sandwich and fries and another coffee and some fruitopia. bleeecchhh.

I didn`t eat any dinner. I felt like crap. gee, wonder why.

On January 28 2004 66 Views

Avatar morochopornstar

Morochopornstar On 28/05/2008

eaa hola kmo va?,che effeamos?avisame si?cuando puedas pasate,beso te espero\"

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Avatar amandameloni

Amandameloni On 09/10/2004

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Avatar daniella_lyndon

Daniella_lyndon On 09/10/2004

I love junk like that

Avatar jmdof

Jmdof On 09/10/2004

oh My God........

Avatar booh

Booh On 01/10/2004

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Avatar alpha_mare

Alpha_mare On 28/09/2004

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Avatar thetrashvulture

Thetrashvulture On 29/08/2004

Poutine Forever!I love your countrygreat from france

Avatar canuck

Canuck On 30/07/2004

Have you stoped eating?Where have you gone collegefood?

Avatar canuck

Canuck On 30/07/2004

Have you stoped eating?Where have you gone collegefood?

Avatar idioteses

Idioteses On 15/06/2004

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Avatar pastrula

Pastrula On 15/06/2004

uh yummy!

Avatar inertiax

Inertiax On 15/06/2004

fries, fries, fries... itŽs my life!good fotolog!kisses!add

Avatar jperk1

Jperk1 On 15/06/2004

Me like many food. Yummy. Fun time for me. Gracias.

Avatar dj_charles

Dj_charles On 15/06/2004

que fome me deu....

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