Avatar coffee_drinker

This will probably be my last photo on Fotolog, i will keep the log up just incase i decide to come back and to be able to view and comment on friend fotologs.
I want to thank everyone for the kind comments and likes, i love you all.
I am posting photo's on instagram under the name of easynortheast, drop by and say hi.
Always have a camera with you and always remember 'Black no sugars'.
Big Loves
Coffee Drinker.

On June 19 2014 at Middlesbrough, United Kingdom 382 Views

Avatar islenska

Islenska On 29/09/2014

hope to see you again... sometimes

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 25/09/2014

long time without newas... i truly hope that you're well, and still drinking coffee :)

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 02/08/2014

pity to see that you're closing shop. thanks back, go easy on the coffees, and a big cheer from the lowlands,

Avatar lilybulle

Lilybulle On 13/07/2014

take care of you mister!!

Avatar furryfox

Furryfox On 11/07/2014

It is sad not to see the new supply of your amazing photos. I don't have an instagram :(

Avatar stonegraphix

Stonegraphix On 23/06/2014

yet it

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 22/06/2014

this photo reminds me teh cover of a record by a silver mount zion!
it's sad to read this... i haven't instagram and i haven't a smartfone... so no chance to see your photoes or words in the future...

Avatar coffee_drinker

coffee_drinker On 24/06/2014

Hi Elkstar i will be back from time to time, i will miss your kind comments and your beautiful photo's.
Take care my fotolog friend.

Avatar elkstar

elkstar On 04/07/2014

it's nice to know :)
rainy days on my mountrains... no chances to see sunsetslike this...

Avatar savate_pigeon

Savate_pigeon On 20/06/2014

See you soon my friend, take care & thanks for all ;)

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