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hey there!!! ;p
So, this time I want you to talk about yourself or express your opinion about something using one of the expressions of quantity!!

HEre`s the link to the letter of application! Take a good look at the models, you`ll need them to help you write your compostition!
take care everybody!<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/thomasadvanced/letterofapplication_samples.doc" TARGET=_top>http://www.geocities.com/thomasadvanced/letterofapplication_samples.doc</A>

if you can`t find this page in this link , go to our link to online exercises( ikeepbookmarks.com/mallmonitors), go to unit 12, letter of application and look for the models there! :)

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... On 09/12/2004

teacher you can put the grades hereeeeee

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Hellen Jarjour On 30/11/2004

Most of time I have no problems with friends.Let me give you a little advice, before you do this dangerous adventure.

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Sumaya On 29/11/2004

There are many people who are in vocation right now.

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Hellen Jarjour On 29/11/2004

Teacher, I didn`t have time to make this composition in the weekend, and today when I went impress my composition my impressora didn`t have tinta, so I put my composition here.I hope you don`t matter!

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Hellen Jarjour On 29/11/2004

Letter of application\t I am writing because I feel I am well qualified for this position. \t My name is Hellen Jarjour, I am twenty-three years old, I was born in Brazil but can also speak English perfectly so as Portuguese. I am wellqualified in English verbal expression and I have an international drive license. \t I am patient and young and I am very polite. Everybody likes me. The job looks just right for me. I am looking for a job for five months; I used to work as a waiter in a chic restaurant. So I know how to treat people well and make them feel important. \tI am free during July and August and I will bee in city at this time. I’ve stuck in a copy of my résumé for you to take a look at. I look forward to hearing from you soon, Hellen Jarjour.

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_gege_ On 29/11/2004

I do not have many shoes.

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Leonardo... On 29/11/2004

There were few people at the party yesterday.

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Biny On 28/11/2004

I had a little fun going to the movies.

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Debora On 28/11/2004

There are few people who don`t smoke in the world.

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Breno On 28/11/2004

In my opinion, there are few politicians who are honest.


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