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I see our people are on the way back from Duckvile

Deep Space is the only way to travel when people need a new freedom and need to relearn their "abc's" on a whole new world.

We have been bringing many partiers to earth that know how to have a good time.

Since we left off a few thousand in Chile & Peru back 17000 years ago. We see they made a bunch of land-foilage petroglyphs out of all the earthen and rocks they could find. And we're sorry we collected them and carried them away from. Family, friends, relatives and morbies, (pets). But the Lord Almighty Forced us to do so!

At least your relatives weren't put down on a world where monsters, beasts and dinosaurs aren't extinct quite yet! ;o)) "Ooo-oOH-YEAH!

But remember! If you land upside down in a pool of water to many times. You might be drawn up and carried away with us to visit our slave-trade-merchandise-giveaway surprise vacation.

There is where slaves are purchased in trade for food and gorgeous fun all-year-around-for everyone. Even for chimpanzees and chum-panties.

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Mares__del_mundo On 23/04/2014

En Seychelles, hay playas tropicales paradisíacas por demás bonitas, pero en la isla La Digue, las playas tienen la particularidad de que las rocas, erosionadas de un modo tan magistral, convierten al paisaje en una especie de obra de arte, una maravilla esculpida y combinada con tonalidades que van desde el turquesa del mar, a las arenas blancas y el verde intenso de la vegetación tropical.

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 24/04/2014

sounds good to me ;o) -even if you are speaking English to fast.

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 24/04/2014

I have some friends that speak your language and could translate it. but they don't speak to well in English. we usually use hand to finger gestures to figure out things and to ask and reply to each other. I learned this method around deaf children, years ago.



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