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Nothing Scribbled In on paper put on Galaxy Meteorite-Amoxenyte

Shortly I will be in a bliss of fun or my lungs will faulter once again during this summer.

I'm edgy since doctors told me it could be breathing in to much desert dust and with our windstorms. I bet they're right!

I just hope I keep the stuff from suffocating me again. It's to hard to swallow even just water sometimes. Sometimes it feels like I have holes in my bronchial lines and so there's no way to keep it out. Until later this winter and early spring. I feel that my drinking fluid is easier on me. And as long as I stick with my collages making them from old photographs. Maybe the cleanest way to go!

But I can't sit very long or my back will go into severe spazms and I'm not so sure if I can cut out the pain on my own. There's got to be an easier way. Maybe if I find an opening big enough on me. I could stick my fingers into those sore aveilas (inside my lungs) and press out some of the gooier and quick -oozes of goop so I don't have to shovel it out the next time I see my dentist.

I sure enjoyed watching the nurses and waiting room patrons get up and go! "That was a lot of fun. They all must of thought I had cysts in my mouth that the dentist broke open. Because the cream and puss wasn't red or clear. ''It was rainbow pretty!

Ahhhh-hH' That's where I put my m&m's. In my artificial kangaroo pouch. Right below my chinny-chin-chin! ''Ohhh - that's right! I said puss and cream. ''No! that's comes after my ice cream melts and its time to eat icing on the cake with it.

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