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i ran away with my imagination

Dont believe in things that dont believe in you
All the things that you do will come back on you,
So see them true. //

Say whatever you have to say, I'll stand by you.
Do whatever you have to do, to get it out and not become a
reaction memory
To hurt the ones you love you know you never meant to but you do
oh yeah you do

Be whoever you have to be, I won't judge you
Sing whatever you have to sing to get it out and not become a
recluse about how to come out
I know you never meant to but you do
oh but you do

Still I need your SWAY, cause you always pay for it
And I, and I need your SOUL cause your always soulful
And I and I need your HEART, cause your always in the right places

And take whatever you have to take, you know I love ya
come however you have to come, and get it out and get it out

Tttttake it out on me, take it out on me
I'll give it you all, I give it you all,i give it
I give you all I give it you all, yes I will give it you all . ,thekooks,sway

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