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1 year couple

小泉 x KYRO


Now i will be a little bit nostalgic! :D
"Soo f*ucking tierd! I'm about to drop dead or something...
Yeah yeah, i will sleep, just shut up! I will...like later....like...soon..!
Sssssh! 0(> v <)0
Koizumi is lying on my Teddybear and almost sleep ;< It's my Teddybear for f*uck sake! STOP IT! I'm the only one that are allowed to hug it!
Screw her.. f*ucking vocalist! ....MY TEDDYBEAR! ( T wwwwww T)// *sob sob*
I'm soo gonna kill her for that, bitch! _(Ò v Ó)_"
28th June 2010

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