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I took a CD from my room and played it on the car this morning. It was an old CD - back from when I was 13. Or something. Even younger, maybe, I don't know. Everything was so different back then.

Siento que tengo ganas de hacer muchas, muchas, muchísimas cosas, i que no hay tiempo para hacerlas todas. Hay que elegir. A mí elegir se me da mal, muy mal.

Elegir a veces = gran problema. *



(8) - I LOVE TURBULENCE - by Rolo Tomassi

An ideal existence, discovering a book perfectly written.
Minds go: this cycle must continue.
Legs are chained to the pedals.

Elastic has to give at some point.
Expand, contract, decrease contact.
When the smallest things trigger, grave danger, grave digger.

This presets a lie.
Will insides decide to grow up and not give in?


Esta canción es grandiosa, la letra es grandiosa.



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