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Op-com Firmware 1.59 USB interface Opcom Opel OP com

Carkitsshop Newest Op-com Firmware 1.59 USB interface, Opcom Opel OP com diagnostic interface with PIC18F458 chip


Op-com FW 1.59 USB interface is Carkitsshop latest 2014 version diagnostic interface for Opel OP com with PIC18F458 Chip. Opcom 2014 can read and clear fault codes, support many control units. Opcom OP-Com new Firmware 1.59 support for almost all Opel cars, even new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic.

Opcom OP-Com China Clone Firmware 1.59 Can OBD2 Opel diagonistic interface

Opcom OP-Com 1.59 China Clone 2014 Firmware 1.59 Opcom Opel diagonistic interface with PIC18F458 chip

Software version: 2010.08---Please do not update this one online.or will be blocked, and useless

New OP com firmware 1.59 Features:

1.Firmware: opcom V1.59
2.Feature: With pic18f458 chip
3.Software version: 2014.01 ,It connects to the car during 2013-2014.
5. OPCOM is a special PC Based diagnostic interface especially for OPEL.
6. Never Update It Online, It Will Damage The OP-COM !

Op-com Firmware 1.59 1.59 USB interface Opcom Opel Opel OP com diagnostic interface with PIC18F458 chip Op-com FW

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