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at 5am this morning myself and a group of others met the artist Brad Downey in the shopping district of West Berlin.
Downey had accepted a commission from the clothing label Lacoste to create a window display for them for the department store KaDeWe.
He had refused to tell his client what he had planned for the window, and they were growing increasingly nervous.
Downey's idea was, if you're going to employ a vandal, you're going to get a vandal.
So, after the shutters went up on the store just before 6am, he took a fire extinguisher loaded with green paint (the corporate colour of Lacoste) and sprayed the front windows and sign of the store from one end to the other.
My job was simply to wait with a bag at the other end of the store with which to conceal the fire extinguisher while Downey headed off to the escape vehicle.
I then headed around the block, changing my shirt, and joined up with J..... who filmed the event, to advise him what the police were up to and be his look-out while he filmed them.
Downey plans to show the video of the action alongside the fire extinguisher as his window display (that is, if his client doesn't kill him first!)

German news sites have reported the action, but seem to think it's a political comment as the windows are currently showing the work of a Chinese designer!

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Les_marioles On 28/05/2008

i want to see the video fuker....
o i tell to rocco that you look after his girlfriend;)

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Bigbellybored On 23/05/2008

great great great... simply great! i love it! streetartsellout at it's best... really guys you're the shit!!!!!! huuuuuuuuuuu

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Funest On 22/05/2008

hehe i like it.

Avatar d0me_r

D0me_r On 22/05/2008

That good kick in the anus for lacost and for that I clean!!!!!!
Regards chimp!!!

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Oui_stadium On 22/05/2008


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Asco On 22/05/2008


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Roffa_bicycle On 22/05/2008

Great sceam ! I hope he allready got paid for the job. At least the shop got media attention as they probably wanted !

re: you're absolutely right on the fixed / freewheel subject. With a freewheel, a brake comes in handy, on a fixie too, but it's alot more fun to ride without it ! ( and it looks nicer ! ) You can stand still, ride back and forward and it is possible to skid by blocking /pushing back the pedals. There's a great Keirin store and lots of fixed stuff in Berlin worth checking out, cheers!

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Yo_gaseo On 22/05/2008

cool nigga!

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Reydelrap On 22/05/2008

sounds you have quite a lot of fun in berlin

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Twiy On 22/05/2008

i think it actually looks quite nice with the white behind it.

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Tofu On 22/05/2008

when the video online?

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Guifari On 22/05/2008

wicked wild crocodiles :-)

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Monkeypainters On 22/05/2008

hahaha cool!!!

fire extinguisher rula

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