Avatar cheekythegnome

Getting Cheeky in the Bluebells! :-)xxx.

Hi friends! :-)xxx.

Cheeky is back! Spring is about to begin! Lets all smile... :-)xxx.

Cheeky está de volta! Primavera está prestes a começar! Vamos todos sorriso ...:-) xxx.

Cheeky está de vuelta! La primavera está a punto de comenzar! Vamos todo sonrisa ...:-) xxx.

Spring Bouncy Sunshine JumpForJoy Amor Love Kisses Besos Dance SugarTown Sweet

On August 31 2014 at Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 70 Views

Digital camera : SONY / Cyber-Shot

Avatar karlie_kloss

Karlie_kloss On 09/09/2014

Hello Cheeky!!

Enjoy the spring whether :)


Avatar faelteixeira

Faelteixeira On 07/09/2014

Bela foto!
tenha um ótimo final de semana

Avatar shankittythaax

Shankittythaax On 05/09/2014

*:* :) *:* simple :D

Avatar aaronamyx

Aaronamyx On 03/09/2014

Cozy by the warm summer day and playful when riding humpback whales at night until outer space draws us up into the sky by the stars and makes us into play-dough rough hawk snacks. Just to make the fuzzy yellow hair on the yellow belly bear change and smear his face against wet mirror water until a fish jumps up and bites him on his tongue.

"What a call that we didn't ever fall and go ker-sploosh (falling from such a high altitude as we swam across the naked trim of clouds of someone's winged ora smoothies to go after the thin ride through flight and fluffy air -out so far. -reddauug ;o)

Avatar amelie_melina

Amelie_melina On 01/09/2014

Evviva Cheeky!!

Avatar pandora_knight

Pandora_knight Goldcam On 31/08/2014

Buenas tardes , que linda que esta la pagina !
te dejo mi flash !

Avatar createyourdream

Createyourdream On 31/08/2014

ah! speaking of which(of flowers)
I saw on TV that the yellow ipês (and apparently the pink too) started to bloom ahead of time (due to global Heating)
there is also purple, pink, white, ....

these trees are here




purple (there are two types of ipe Purple)









and now we have discovered some that are called ipe, but are not ipe(despite being similar rs)




it seems that there are more, but only found these, I only knew three types of ipes ;p rs

Avatar createyourdream

Createyourdream On 31/08/2014

hi! ^^/

came for a quick visit?
how are you?
but at least it is going well with the lessons? ^^

although it is also beginning to spring, still cold here and not for the rain, and no rain in the days that the weather is always cloudy, and the next few weeks will be like (cloudy or raining time)
good that cold (it's a nice cold) is to lie in bed all day (will hibernate ;p)! rsrs

ok! ^^
thank you! ^^

true what you wrote in the other two pictures ^^

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